Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friends :) #Part ONE :)


thank for being my friends 

" A Friend is need as a friend indeed "

. . Let's Talk About It . .  

The first question you may ask yourself is
' Do you have any friends ? '

The answers would be. . 'YES'

Then, ask yourself again
' Do you know he/she very well ? '

Different persons willl come out with different answers. Only you can judge how your  friends are.

When I was studying in Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, I meet with my new friends.They came with different states and different races.

During the first day, all of us doesn't know which one would be our classmates until the lecturer separate us into a few groups and given us the class.

Everybody was hoping that they will got the same class with their close friends and that same goes to me.

After  a fews minutes later, my name listed in DIP 1C class .

[ My classmates Vs DIP 1C Students 2011

> Here are their's names <

  • The Guys:

    1. Adib [ Leader ]
    2. Azizie
    3. Syazwan
    4. Hasnul
    5. Fahmi
    6. Zulfitri
    7. Zulfairi
    8. Akmal
    9. Arvin
    10. Hafiz
    11. Azrul
    12. Nizam
    13. Soffian

    • The Ladies :

      1. Syaza Nasuha[ assistant ]
      2. Nisya
      3. Nisa
      4. Dayah
      5. Dijah ( me )
      6. Apple ( click  to know her better ^^, )
      7. Atikah
      8. Zarhana
      9. Zulaikha
      10. Fatin
      11. Madihah
      12. Raseena
      13. Farah
      14. Ummul
      15. Rosnadia
      16. Syieda :)

      [ Me, You and Us ]

      And that's the beginning of our stories.

      Each of us started to talk and greet each others.

      Day to day, we were able to laugh , singing and sharing our own life stories  together.

      And now, we seems to be as a big family.

      Remembering the  day we spent our time together was the memorable and sweet memories I ever had  with all your guys.

      I'm so glad to meet them as my friends. I'm really hopes that our friendship will remain forever.

       ---> # Dedicated :  to all my friends  in DIP 1C :)  <--- 
      [ Thanks KAWAN ]

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